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Music is this delicate and fragile association of sounds whose power is unheard of. Beyond words, reason and all representation, it has the power to heal, to transcend, to make the beautiful, the grave and the gentle feel.


My conception of music is purely artisanal. Work every day, improve gesture, breath and creation. I am mainly active around the classical trumpet and jazz. Between concerts, music creations, films and live shows, I teach trumpet and animate with great pleasure and passion, music workshops for children.


Trumpeter, composer, jazz and world music enthusiast, between Casablanca and Paris, this site aims to present my main musical activities. 



I wish you a very pleasant visit!

Hamza Bennani Smires

Trumpeter, composer from Casablanca, lover of Miles Davis and Rabih Abu Khalil, this artist who loves jazz and world music studied classical trumpet at the Paris Xth Conservatory with Jean Louis Masson. Struck by the magic of jazz, he joined the American School of Modern Music where he continued his training in jazz/modern music, composition and arrangement. Between compositions for film music, live shows and jazz performances, the constant search for the purity of sound and melodies guide his artistic quest. Freshly back in Morocco, he has collaborated with, among others, the director Zakia Tahiri, the Portuguese jazz singer Maria Joao, the singer Jamal Nouman and the designer Ali Drissi.

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