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Panafrican Jazz Quartet

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The Panafrican jazz quartet is the result of a love story between Africa and Jazz.

This completely new project brings together four passionate musicians, around a subtle mix of traditional African music and modern jazz. 
Thus, the voluptuousness of the kora (traditional Malian instrument) blends with the deep bass lines of the guembri when the trumpet lets a soft melody resonate, supported by the wild rhythms of jazz on drums. 
It is this ambition that guides these musicians in their perpetual quest for sounds and rhythms to combine. 

line up

Walo Walo, Calle Basse / Tama

Mbemba Diebate, Kora/Voix

Khalil Mounji, Guembri/Voix

Hamza Bennani Smires, Trompette/Bugle



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It's ON
_Villa des Arts de Rabat
_sessions jazz du Pietri
Walo et son set (cale basse et tama)
@Tours Végétales
Mbemba, notre griot
Jam avec Claudine François (Piano)

TV brodcast documentary (national tv)

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