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Les Douces Folies de Satie

Les douces folies de Satie - Démo - HBS Quartet


Erik Satie's music is unique, as is the character, avant-garde, original, impertinent and intelligent. You can't be the same person after listening to it! In any case, that's the effect that his music had on me and that many people share. I imagine that this project was born from there, from a fascination for his music and his universe. Then, a decisive meeting with Guillaume Desbois, an admirable pianist and composer. We have mixed our crazy ideas to reinterpret Satie's themes and offer you these original arrangements.

  Ten compositions by Satie in the "classical" and "jazz" style. To do this, we are also fortunate to have a high quality rhythm section with the fabulous pulse of Mhamed El Menjra on double bass and the unique groove of Xavier Sarazin on drums.


 At the crossroads between classical music, jazz and world music, this project aims to transport the spectator into the universe of Satie's marvellous compositions and to place him at the heart of the transformation of this material in the light of our own influences: jazz, modern and mixed. 



Xavier Sarazin, Drums

M'hamed El Menjra, Upright bass

Guillaume Desbois, Piano

Hamza Bennani Smires, Trumpet/Flugelhorn

MUSIC: Erik Satie

ARRANGEMENTS : Guillaume Desbois / Hamza Bennani Smires

HBS quartet VDA Rabat.jpg


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